Brave Mom Fights Off Two Savage Dogs Trying To Attack Her Two-Year Old Son

Shocking CCTV footage in the doorway of their house captured the vicious attack in Anaheim, California.

The boy was set upon by the two dangerous dogs – acting in unison – as he played in the family’s front yard.
His panicked mother rushed to rescue him – grabbing her son and shielding him from the dogs trying to bite at him as she desperately tried to think what to do next. She was trying to get inside the home but had rushed so fast to save him she couldn’t find her keys. As she crouched down and shielded her son up against the door, the two dogs tried to get at him from all angles.
They desperately try to bite and grab at his arms and clothing to pull him away from her – but with her free arm she kept pulling them off and her son safe from their teeth. At one point, the young mom is even seen holding her son aloft as the dogs continue to try and drag the little boy from her arms. She tries in vain to scream and yell for help. With the help of the stick to fend them off, eventually the mom and her son were able to get inside the house and call 911.

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