Brave Rescuers Save Bear By Pulling Out Bucket Stuck to Its Head

As stewards of nature, it’s man’s job to take care of both the environment and all the animals that come with it. And while it’s a lot safer to mount rescues of harmless animals, it takes a different level of courage and compassion to save the dangerous ones.





A bear was found to be in trouble when it got its head stuck in a bucket, prompting a group of concerned guys to mount a daring rescue to free the poor animal from its unusual predicament.



Bucket Bear



After a round of tug-of-war, the boys decided it was best to pin the bear to the ground and cut the bucket-shaped contraption off its head, which took them over an hour to accomplish.



Bear Rescue



While they all can be hailed as heroes, that man who pinned the bear down will surely be the stuff of legends.



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