Bride Loses It After Groom Messes Up His Vows

Weddings are supposed to be solemn ceremonies that celebrate the beauty and elegance of the union between the husband and wife. However, there are times when rules are broken and in a good way. One bride just completely loses it when her husband-to-be messes up his vows. It’s tough to blame any of them, with all the jitters that come with tying the knot. But it’s all in good fun.

The groom puts the ring on her bride and proceeds to say his vows as he repeats after the minister. But somewhere along his romantic lines, he mispronounces a word. Instead of “lawfully,” he says “waffley,” and even adds “pancakey.” At this point, the bride just loses it.Putting the Ring

She. Just. Couldn’t. Stop. It got so bad that they had to take a break from the wedding ceremony to collect herself and finally get it over with.

Bride Laugh

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