Bro Ties His Own Fly And Goes Fly Fishing For Carp From An Inflatable Pink Flamingo

Boats are overrated. There’s no reason to motor around the river, lake, or bay when you can paddle. And there’s no reason to paddle when you can just float.



The bros from ‘The Fly Dudes‘ Instagram account know A LOT about catching big ass freshwater fish on the fly. If you’re not following them yet on the gram, check out their pics and hit that ‘follow’ button because you’ll be stoked that you did.




Their Youtube channel ‘The Fly Dudes’ is run by Andrew Engel who moved from California im search of some of the biggest and most plentiful fish found in America, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. He moved to Logan Ut, met his fly fishing soulmate, Kyle Jensen, who has been trying to fly fish since he was about 3 or 4.




The two dudes fly fish and run around with cameras to take picture and film mediocre fish all over the west.

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