Build Your Own Go-Kart Powered by an Electric Drill Motor

DIY projects are always fun to do at home. Using easy-to-find parts and maybe even household items can bring out the MacGyver in you. One dad has built a go-kart for his kid from scratch, using parts that are commonly found in the house or the hardware store. An he used an electric drill as an engine to power the DIY go-kart.

The frame is made of wood you can easily purchase at a hardware store if you don’t have any lying around the house. It is steered using a frisbee with ropes attached to the front wheels. The brake system is a simple wooden lever that stops the rear wheel.

DIY Go-Kart

But the highlight of the project is its electric drill motor, which is used to spin the real wheel and propel the go-kart forward. Brilliant.

Drill Motor

It’s easy to build and cheap to make. You’re kids are surely going to love it!

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