Californians Left Perplexed by Huge Light in the Night Sky

There are countless sightings of what people have tagged as UFOs of alien origin, but none of them have ever been confirmed as such, with most having a logical explanation. And just recently, California residents were left baffled by another sighting when a bright blue light appeared out of nowhere and lit up the night sky.

A blue spotlight seen in the Los Angeles night sky promptly caused a social media frenzy. But apparently, the source was far from being classified as an alien UFO.

UFO Light

According to the Coast Guard, the light was caused by a classified military exercise done off the southern California coast. It came from an unarmed Trident II (D5) missile launched from the USS Kentucky, an Ohio Class ballistic missile submarine. You can actually see the faint outline of the rocket on the video.

Ballistic Missle

It’s no alien sighting, by still amazing to see.

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