Carnival queen’s thong pings open and FALLS OFF in embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during parade

A Brazilian carnival queen suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction after her minuscule thong pinged open and fell off in the middle of a parade.


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Tarine Lopes, was performing in front of the crowds when the nightmare scenario happened. But she carried on like a trooper, holding her underwear in place while she continued dancing in the street.

The disaster was captured on camera and shows Tarine, from Sao Paulo Samba School, clutching the broken green fabric close to her body while parading around in giant red feathery wings.


Tarine Lopes was dancing in the parade when the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction happened


The video shows the parade in full swing as thousands of people take part in the colorful carnival.

With music blaring and people singing, the road is full of dancers shaking their bodies and twirling to the sounds. But then the green tape pings off almost revealing too much to the watching crowds in the outfit which had already left very little to the imagination.


Tarine is the godmother of her samba school which means she leads the other dancers in front of the float


The close shave on Saturday took place during the carnival , Sambodromo do Anhembi.

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