CCTV Shows Man Attacking Traffic Warden After Getting A Ticket

An angry motorist who fractured a traffic warden’s shoulder after he received a parking ticket has been jailed for two years. The 47-year-old was angry after being given a ticket for parking his Ford Focus on double yellow lines in Sheerness High Street, Kent, on January 6. Corneille was said to be blocking a tactile paving designed to assist the blind with his car when he received a ticket.



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Upon leaving a nearby pub, Corneille, who runs a roofing business, shouted ‘l’ll smack your f***ing head in, alright fat boy, alright fat boy’ at Mr Lawrence. He then shoved the traffic warden in the back with two hands using his ‘full force’, which was captured on both CCTV and by Mr Lawrence’s body-worn camera. Mr Lawrence had already placed the ticket on Corneille’s car, which was at around 4pm.

CCTV Shows Man


But before he had a chance to turn around he felt a hard push on his back and shoulder, causing him to fall to the ground. He was unable to cushion his impact as his hands were by his face, taking a picture of Corneille’s car, prosecutor Dominic Connolly said.

CCTV Shows Man Attacking Traffic Warden


The father-of-two was then shoved a second time into an Indian restaurant window, which injured his shoulder and damaged his glasses. Corneille then stood over the traffic warden and placed his hands around his head and neck before then pushing him to the ground again. The 47-year-old, who had been in the pub with his girlfriend, then drove away from the scene. He was arrested a week later.



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