Check Out NASA’s Plan to Save the Earth from a Doomsday Asteroid

It might be a plot out of a Hollywood movie, but the possibility of getting hit by a massive asteroid is real. And if this happens, it might be the end of all life on earth, including ours. Good thing the intellectuals at NASA have plans to deal with this potential danger.





One may have wiped out the dinosaurs, so, although remote, there might be another one that could shoot towards our planet. To avoid such a catastrophe, the good folks at NASA have devised three plans to take it out before it hits us.



Deep Impact



With science, advanced tech and a good amount of time to prepare, scientists have three options to either push, redirect or destroy a giant asteroid out of earth’s path and let us continue to destroy the planet ourselves.



Stop Asteroid



May we never come to a point where we have to deal with this.



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