Cheeky Marine Mammal Becomes Internet Star After He’s Spotted Setting Sail In A Dinghy

They are, by nature, aquatic animals.



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But one cheeky seal clearly wanted respite from the choppy waters of Northern Ireland – as he proved by snagging himself a dinghy, this week. The mammal was spotted climbing into a moored boat and setting sail along the picturesque Copeland Islands, where he’s become something of a celebrity.

Cheeky marine mammal becomes internet star after he's spotted setting sail in a dinghy


Footage of the mammal’s boat ride shows the creature drifting along the surface while relaxing on his back. Taking it easy as he floats along, the seal referred to as Sammy can even be seen looking directly into the camera of a passer-by, who captured the hilarious moment.

Cheeky marine mammal becomes internet star


Since being uploaded to a Copeland Islands Facebook page, the clip has since gone viral, clocking-up tens of thousands of views. Bizarrely, the video’s caption suggests he’s a repeat performer, saying, ‘That seal again!!! feeling entertained’. Naturally, the scenes generated plenty of comedy comments.



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