Chile hosts controversial ‘best bum’ competition with hundreds of b*kini-clad contestants

B*kini-clad stunners have been showing off their derrieres in a controversial “best bum” competition in Chile despite protests from feminists that it could encourage violence against women.



Miss Reef Chile 2017 is being staged this week in the city Los Andes featuring a bevvy of 10 beauties who are judged on their b**ties.


The contestants lined up and showed off their impressive figures at a presentation event earlier this year


The Observatory Against Street Harassment of Chile said the contest, which was won last year by Argentinian Veronica Vieyra, “turn women into objects” and promote “gender violence”.


Models in bikinis competing in the Miss Chile gave fans a taste of what to expect in their year's competition


The group’s director of studies Jose Gurrero said: “In the Miss Reef it is clear which is the only area of the physical (body) that matters. It is unfortunate that Chilean society applauds this type of act, which leaves women as an object and not as a political actor with rights.” Despite refusing to cave into protesters, Reef Chile was delayed this year because of forest fires in the South American country.


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