Chilling Video Shows How Easy It Is to Conceal an Assault Rifle Down a Person’s Pants

With mass shootings always looming as a threat all over the country, gun control in America has been a hotly debated topic. The problem lies not only in its acquisition, but also in concealment.

Not only is purchasing guns legally easy all over the country, one can conceal even an assault rifle until the very moment a shooter decides it’s time to take some innocent lives. As demonstrated by this man, he had a number of weapons and ammo hidden down his pants.

Hidden Guns

After walking around a bit to make sure everything looks normal, the man reveals an AR-15 assault rifle, like the one Omar Mateen used in the Orlando nightclub shooting, stuffed down his pants. And as if that wasn’t enough, he pulled magazines totaling 264 rounds, including a handgun and its ammo, which are more than enough to cause a bloody massacre.

AR-15 in Pants

What are your thoughts about the country’s gun control laws?

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