Clueless Man Can’t Seem to Solve the Mystery of the Laundry Basket, Causing His Girl to Leave Him in Funny Skit

Guys are generally not too keen in helping out with household chores, luckily this guy has the help of a mysterious laundry basket.

It might be quite unfair to leave the women do all the dirty housework despite being all spent after coming home from work, so this lady was upset when she came home to find his man just lounging around the couch.


Upon realizing she was already fuming, he revealed there was something going on with their laundry basket that inexplicably washes their dirty clothes and their table that cleans itself up so she had nothing to worry about. This set her off, prompting her to leave him. But it appears the same thing was going on with the male police officer when he came to respond about a missing girlfriend, to the female cop’s annoyance.


I believe I have the same table at home.

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