Congresswoman Skillfully Uncovers Trump’s Tax Reform as a ‘Scam’ That Benefits Large Corporations

When the President of the US Donald Tump promised tax reform, he actually kept his promise and now has a bill that needs to pass both congress and the senate. And while this may sound like good news to American taxpayers, one representative found something very wrong with the proposal.





A congresswoman masterfully exposed Trump’s tax reform bill as a ‘scam,’ which actually benefits large companies into pocketing millions of dollars from tax exemptions.



Suzan DelBene



Democratic representative for Washington’s 8th congressional district Suzan DelBene fired a series of questions to Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff Thomas Barthold during the congress’ hearing on the approval of the tax bill, revealing that middle class workers suffer more by not being exempted from the same cases as those of the big companies.



Thomas Barthold



Ironically, the bill has passed congress and will now go through the senate for approval. May God help us all.



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