Conor McGregor’s Adorable Baby Boy Has The Best Reactions To Watching A Fight On TV With His Dad

Say what you will about “The Notorious One” Conor McGregor.


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If you hate him he’s arrogant, loud and over-hyped. If you love him he’s confident, an inspiration and a champion. However, regardless of which side of that aisle you fall on, there’s one thing that’s hard to argue and dismiss: he really seems genuinely excited to have a new baby boy in his life.




This becomes pretty apparent when you see how many photos McGregor has shared of his son, the very unsurprisingly named Conor McGregor, Jr., on social media. The captions he posts also display just how proud he is to have a little “Notorious One” in his life now.

On Monday, McGregor once again shared some images of himself with his little boy, saying that he was “counting my blessings.”




McGregor also shared a ridiculously cute video of little Conor sitting with his dad on the couch watching some fights on TV. If seeing how little Conor reacts to what he’s watching doesn’t put a smile on your face then you might just be dead inside.

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