Cops Shoot Family Dogs When They Show Up at Property Unannounced


Most dog owners treat their pets as family, and in turn their furry best friends guard their humans and their property with their life.



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Dogs rushing out to bark at strangers is expected canine behavior, but police officers found this as a threat to their lives when they came to a Florida house unannounced, prompting them to shoot the dogs in self defense.



Lab and Rott



The cops were there to respond to an accidentally triggered house alarm by a relative who thought the owners were already home, but entered the property without notice 45 minutes after the incident just to ‘check on things.’ So when the family Labrador and Rottweiler came rushing out to greet them, bodycam footage shows one police officer shooting the dogs dead.



Shooting Dogs



This tragic event would’ve been avoided if the cops took heed of the ‘beware of dogs’ sign outside the property and made their presence known before entering the premises.



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