Crazy Woman Dunks Gamer Boyfriend’s PS4 into Bathtub in Savage Prank

With gaming consoles becoming more advanced with each release, it’s no surprise there are a lot of gamers out there who spend a huge chunk of there time in front of their screens.





And for the more serious gamers, it’s definitely a mortal sin to mess with their games, but this didn’t stop one crazy woman from dunking her man’s PS4 into a bathtub of water in savage prank.



Soaked PS4



If there is one man you don’t want to mess around with, it’s Kali Muscle, and nobody is crazier enough to do this but his girlfriend Helena. So as soon as he found out what she did, he went absolutely ballistic. Good thing she had something better to replace his console.



Angry BF



Ladies, never mess with your man’s video games.



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