Creepy Footage Shows Doors At A Brazillian Mourgue Being Slammed Shut

This is quite possibly the most spine chilling video you’ll ever see.


The footage, which has been terrifying people all over social media, seems to be shot in a former morgue in Brazil. The clip is filmed in the point of view of a security guard, who is both holding a flashlight and his phone. He slowly follows another man as they both walk down a badly lit corridor.

Walking Through A Mourgue

Meanwhile, a sinister banging noise can be heard at the distance. As they continue to walk slowly, the source of the noise seems to be a red door being slammed open and shut.

Door Being Slammed Repeatedly


Yet, terrifyingly, there seems to be no-one about.

No One Is Seen


Who in their right mind would be walking around in a morgue???


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