Cricket players charged by escaped BULL as the animal invades the pitch during village match

An escaped bull has run across a village cricket pitch and started charging at players who had to dive out of its way.


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The huge animal appeared during the second innings and sent cricketers fleeing as it charged at them before turning his attention to the umpire.

The footage was captured on a mobile phone at the Kerridge Cricket Club, near Bollington in Cheshire as the side was taking on Mossley Cricket Club from Greater Manchester.


The starts charging across the pitch towards players


The bull can be seen charged at Kerridge captain Adam Banks before turning on the umpire and a fielder, who quickly dived out of its path.

Despite the players’ best efforts, the bull exited the field and headed along Clarke Lane towards the village.


The umpire tried to stand his ground


Adam’s girlfriend Sarah Richmond, who is landlady of the Lord Clyde pub which sponsored the match, ushered punters inside the pub for safety.

But the bull jumped over a style into a nearby field where it is believed to have been captured.

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