Cannibal crocodile bites another IN HALF before devouring it in savage attack which stuns witnesses

Shocking footage shows a cannibal crocodile bite a smaller reptile in half before devouring it in a gruesome attack. The five-meter saltwater croc is seen dragging its three-meter prey above the water during the brutal mauling.



The video was taken in Australia’s Northern Territory by a stunned fisherman, who said he had never seen anything like it.

Mark Price, 46, was taking his friend and his best wife out on the infamously croc-infested waters when they spotted the gruesome scenes.


Gruesome footage shows a large cannibal crocodile devouring a smaller reptile


Mark said it was a testament to the predator’s strength that it was taking its mutilated prey upstream during strong tides.

Mary River, east of Darwin, is one of the world’s most densely populated crocodile waterways. The reptiles sometimes turn to cannibalism when there is an absence of prey or food competition.


Fisherman Mark Price said he had never seen anything like it before


With saltwater crocodile populations on the rise in Australia, experts say it is likely there will be an increase in croc-on-croc attacks.

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