Cruel Pranksters Posing As Police Officers Force Speeding Driver To Strip On Side Of The Road

Pranksters pretending to be plain clothes police officers pulled over a speeding driver then forced him to strip on the side of the road.

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The men stopped the motorist for allegedly “speeding” and then humiliated him with the cruel act which was recorded on a mobile phone.
A man posing as a policeman tricks a motorist into getting out of his car to be searched
Footage shows the men, believed to be from Merseyside, shining a light in the man’s face after they pulled up alongside him and then convinced him to pull over on a nearby road.
The prankster pulls down th man's boxer shorts
One of the men then frisks the man as he is up against his Vauxhall Corsa before yanking down his trousers and pulling down his pants to reveal his backside. The footage was posted online but it was not clear where or when it was filmed.

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