Customer Rudely Reprimands Restaurant Staff, But Karma Saves the Day

Most restaurants have “the customer is always right” serving as a strict guideline in serving their patrons, however, some customers do push the limit when it comes to dealing with staff in terms of their service. One woman was caught on film displaying disgustingly rude behavior when she berated staff at a kebab restaurant, but good thing karma came to the rescue.

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The terrible customer lost her cool at the staff of a kebab restaurant claiming they should have put red peppers instead of green on the meal she ordered for her kids, and shouting they should “get it right the first time.”

Rude Customer

But after she finished hurling insults at the staff, she stormed off and hit the door in front of everyone on her way out.

Door Karma

Maybe she should get it right the first time too when it comes to opening doors.

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