Dad and His Adorable Son Reenact Epic Scenes from the ‘Star Wars’ Films

The ‘Star Wars’ film franchise is widely considered as the greatest sci-fi movies in history. It has garnered a huge following that spans different generations from the epic first trilogy up to the second. And with the new set of films in the works, the franchise is set to conquer the box office and add more fans to the fold. To celebrate their love for all things ‘Star Wars,’ a dad and his young son recreated epic scenes from films, and they’re all quite adorable.

One awesome dad and his son Ryden channeled The Force in reenacting a few famous scenes, complete with funny dialogue and standard issue props.

Jedi Mind Trick

They even remind us that Han shot first.

Han Shot First

This is definitely a great bonding moment between father and son who share the same interests.

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