Dad Discusses Public Shaming to Make a Point About Good Parenting

Kids are now being subjected to public shaming by their parents if they do something terrible. The parents upload videos to social media and embarrass these kids for the whole world to see so they could learn a valuable lesson. It’s mortifying and traumatic. These kids shouldn’t be subjected to that kind of treatment no matter how epic their failures are. One father share his thoughts to this kind of shameful parenting.

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Wayman Gresham seems to be going on another public shaming video featuring his son, who is seated looking glum with his head bowed on what’s about to go down. Wayman is seen holding a hair clipper, looking ready to give his son a good shaming by cutting his hair.

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But it took a different turn when he asked his son to get up and gave him a nice good hug. Wayman is totally against public shaming. This tough-looking dad tells the world about how good parenting is done, and it doesn’t involve bullying a child to get your message across.

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