Dad Takes His Sex Doll On ‘This Morning’ And Surprises Everyone

In 2017, the talk involving the advancement of s*x dolls has become quite loud. How do they work? How human-like are they? What sort of people use them?

Well, on This Morning, Arran Lee Wright, a s*x doll developer, took a seat on the ITV show’s sofa with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, and his creation, Samantha. Schof’s face tells a thousand words so we’ll let you watch the video.

As you can imagine, the hosting duo were very inquisitive as to why he’d created this doll, particularly with his wife stood behind the cameras.


Samantha was turned off to prevent any explicit wording from coming out of her mouth whilst on daytime television, but some of her phrases were played out.

When told ‘I love you’, Samantha responds with a basic ‘I love you, too’. However, other phrases included: ‘Do you think we could get more sensual?’, and ‘I can take many times, much more love, just because you can give it, and I take it all’.


Arran explained to the hosts that Samantha was more developed than other robots.

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