Dad’s attempt to impress his kids with his trampoling skills backfires

A dad was left with a bruised ego after trying to impress his kids with a back flip – and it going spectacularly wrong.


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Glenn Pennell, 39, was bouncing on a trampoline in his garden during a family BBQ when he decided to attempt the risky stunt.

But rather than prove his prowess to his family, the dad-of-five instead falls backwards onto the neighbor’s greenhouse in Sittingbourne, Kent.


Glenn had been bragging about his 'A' he got in trampolining at school


A video of the hilarious moment shows Glenn, a gas engineer, spiraling around before landing and losing his balance. As he falls, the sound of smashing glass can be heard as his lands on the greenhouse.

Rather awkwardly, before attempting the flip Glenn had been boasting about how he got an ‘A’ in trampolining at school.


He flips successfully but then falls backwards over a fence


He said: “I cut the back of my head open, had a bruise on my leg and scratches on my arms. I was a bit embarrassed about the video at first but it is funny so I don’t mind people watching it. I have shown myself up.”

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