Daredevil Balances Unicycle On A 840Ft Chimney And Performs Tricks Around Its Crumbling Rim. Terrifying!

Daredevil scales 840ft chimney and performs tricks around its crumbling rim on a UNICYCLE before he dangles with one hand above terrifying drop.

There are not many people who would ride a unicycle around the top of a 840ft chimney without any safety equipment. But these two men have defied the odds to mount the abandoned construction in Romania to perform a series of circus style tricks as shown in this incredible and vertigo inducing footage.
daredevil rides unicycle on top of the chimney
Flaviu Cernescu and his friend Nikolai Ismail can be seen right on the top of Romania’s towering Targu Jiu chimney as they film themselves using selfie sticks.
daredavil balances unicycle on top of the higheist chimney
Other stunts include hanging one leg off the edge of the structure, walking across the terrifying drop to the other side of the chimney via pieces of steel laid across the circumference and juggling with three large oranges while walking around the construction.

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