Daredevil Lets 12-Foot Anaconda Wrap Itself Around His Body And Neck While Underwater

A stuntman let a massive snake wrap around his body and neck as the pair swam underwater together in a bizarre stunt.

Charles Wieand and the 12-foot, 100lb anaconda were slithering around together in a pool in California.
Wearing nothing but a pair of cargo pants, the snake slithered and squirmed over Charles’ body, with the reptile appearing at one point to lick his fingers. In total, the comedian, who is known for his outdoor stunts, dived and splashed with the mammoth anaconda for half an hour.
Charles, from Columbus, Ohio, USA, said: “It was awe inspiring being able to swim that closely with an anaconda.” At one point, he even managed to hug the reptile. Charles – who has relaxed on a lilo surrounded by alligators and done some bee keeping in the buff – is no stranger to extreme stunts, which he posts on his YouTube channel, Outdoor Adventures with Charles.

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