Daring Tightrope Walker Stumbles While Suspended 2,500 FT Above The Ground In Yosemite Park

A tourist visiting Yosemite Park in in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains has created a vertigo-inducing video of a tightrope walk 2,500 feet in the air.

The daredevil documented the entire stomach-flipping stunt by strapping a downwards-facing camera to the top of their head.
A tourist visiting Yosemite Park filmed themselves walking a tightrope 2,500 feet in the air
The clip shows the person walk barefoot along the slim slackline rope, which appears to wobble with every step. The viewer gets a bird’s eye view of the stunt, which sees the person’s arms waving around for balance as rocks and forest are seen far below.
The daredevil documented stunt by strapping a camera to the top of their head
Understandably, the tourist in the video becomes distracted as they near the falls and a third of the way into the walk they stumble and fall off the rope. Thankfully they are clipped on to the strapline though, and after a few seconds of steadying, the person manages to stand back up on the rope from a sitting position while balancing their arms out from the body, before continuing on to safety.

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