Diesel-Powered Jeep Gets Modded and Driven Under 12 Feet of Water

There are many 4 x 4 vehicles that are made to have the impressive ability to drive through deep water, but only a rare few can do it fully submerged like a submarine.





A Jeep Wrangler spent days in a garage where it was heavily modified to make it capable of being driven underwater. The engineers and mechanics featured on the Motor Trend Channel used a Cummins diesel engine customized to be waterproof, with the right length of in and out exhaust pipes for snorkels. With special off-road tires, the Jeep was ready to go. Skip to 14:15 for the real action.



Jeep Wrangler



When the Jeep was finally put to the test, they took the vehicle to a pond where they watched it being driven up to 12 feet below the surface. However, the team hit a snag when the Jeep couldn’t move due to the soft muddy bottom below.



Jeep Pond



On the second try, they found a man-made pond with a more solid bottom to drive on, finally making it to the other side without encountering any problems.



Making It






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