Disgusting Video Shows Vet Carefully Popping A HUMONGOUS Pimple On A Cow’s Back

Did you think those nasty pimple popping videos are only limited to us humans? Well, this veterinarian begs to differ. WARNING: this is very, very graphic.

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This poor cow has, what can only be described, as the largest pimple ever. After watching this video, you might be turned off eating beef for forever.

Huge Cyst On Cows Back

The animal has a cyst that is basically the size of your head. It’s clearly in so much pain, so the caretaker had no choice but to finally remove it — and to record all in a gloriously disgusting viral video.

Puss And Blood Began To Flow Out

The vet carefully pops it with surgical instruments, and that’s when the pus and blood really start flowing.

There goes my lunch.

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