Divers Find A Dead Body While Swimming At The Bottom Of Egypt’s Blue Hole

The Blue Hole near Dahab, Egypt in the Gulf of Agaba is one of the most dangerous underwater caves in the world. While part of the cave is a common recreational diving spot, only professional divers are permitted to enter the deeper caverns.

Despite the strict the restrictions, there are still a handful of divers that attempt to navigate the bottom of the cave every year. The footage above was shot back in late 2006. At the 360-foot mark, the divers came across a badly decomposed body of an unknown diver.

Divers Find Dead Body

No one is quite sure who it was or how it ended up at the bottom of the cave. Regardless of the reason, it’s still a pretty horrifying and heartbreaking sight.

Dead Diver Blue Hole

Sadly, the divers who spotted the body were not able to bring it back up with them.

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