Very Naughty Dog Invades Soccer Match, Tackles Player

Dogs are playing havoc on pitches around the world these days and yet again a hound has jumped at the opportunity to play ball – albeit a ball being used during a football match.



Hilariously, a boisterous mutt entered the field of play during an Argentinian game and took out a player in his bid to get the ball, only to return during the latter end of the match and upstage the footballers.

The third-tier fixture was disrupted as the hound entered the field and attempted to chase the ball in what he perceived to be a game of fetch.


Very Naughty Dog Invades Soccer Match, Tackles Player


The Argentinian’s passing wasn’t quick enough to out-wit the light-coloured dog, as it tracked down the ball and managed to take out a Marcos Sanchez from behind.

Unlike a player, the dog was not sanctioned for the ‘violent’ foul but was removed instead.


The dog was carried off by a player


Sanchez’s team Central Córdoba recovered from the incident and went on to beat Sportivo Las Parejas 1-0.

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