Douchebag Quits By Insulting Everyone On The Way Out

If your job was terrible, stick it to the bosses, not the other innocent workers and customers.

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This guy claims on his video’s caption that he works for a sh*tty telemarketing company that liked to misguide people into getting donations. So here’s how he quit.
Douchebag Quits By Insulting Everyone On The Way Out
The video shows the guy in blue polo and a cap walking the hallway of his workplace. Before the video shows what he’s done, he put a note that he didn’t get fired. He starts at one of his male co-workers wearing eyeglasses, he bent over his table and told his co-worker to ‘fvck off’, and that clearly confused the first victim. He proceeded to another, this time not clear whether it’s a man or a woman and told his co-worker ‘fvck that person’ while pointing a finger.
how to quit like a boss
He went table by table and told his every co-worker to ‘fvck that person’, though it’s not clear who he’s pointing to. He then changed his slogan and told his other co-workers, ‘fvck who you’re talking to’. He went on and on with it.

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