Dozen Of Bikers Confronted By Undercover Police In Shock Sting While They Performed Dangerous Moves

Dozens of rampaging bikers have been confronted by undercover police in footage caught on camera.

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The bikers filmed themselves performing dangerous wheelies and donuts without helmets as they took over one side of the busy A452 collector road dual carriageway.
The bikers performed wheelies
In the footage, the group suddenly slow down as come across uniformed police parked in an unmarked BMW near a bridge. An orange colored bike is on its side on the embankment with people gathered around it.
Dozens of bikers took part in the rampage
The motorcyclists which include quad bikes, wait for a few seconds as traffic tries to edge past them in the outside lane. One of them taunts police by performing a donut with his bike . An officer rushes towards them but the gang then speeds off laughing. The video, which was posted on Instagram, abruptly finishes.

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