Dramatic Moment Of Man Who Killed His Wife Crashes Into A Gas Station And Then Charges At A Police Officer

Horrifying footage shows the moment a Long Island man crashed his car into a Brooklyn gas station and chased a police officer after allegedly murdering his wife.

Surveillance footage shows Robert Crumb, 44, crashing into a Citgo gas station at Fladlands and Pennsylvania Avenues in Brooklyn on Friday as his car bursts into flames. The vehicle slams into another car during the 1am rampage, and soon fire engulfed the gas station.
In the clip, an officer gun drawn approaches and opens Crumbs door. He appears to be telling him to get out of the vehicle. Then Crumb charges at the officer, with his arms outstretched, Crumb runs after the cop. He appears erratic as he follows the cop backward. Although he has his gun in his hand, the officer doesn’t fire.
The 44-year-old chases the cop until the two are on the ground scuffling. Three more cops intervene and help the first officer subdue Crumb. It is believed before the dramatic scene unfolded that Crumb killed his wife and wounded his daughter in their Long Island home.

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