Dramatic Moment Passenger Jumps On Taxi Rips Sign From Roof And Smashes It In Overcharging Row

A video has emerged of an aggressive passenger jumping on top of a taxi and ripping the business sign off before smashing it up as he challenges the driver over a €2 fee. The aggressor, whose identity is not known, swears repeatedly in outrage at the taxi bill of €22 in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday. He appears to have a problem with a €2 booking fee rather than the €20 fare.


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‘You think I’m paying you an extra f*****g €2,’ he says aggressively as he jumps up onto the car and rips the Taxi sign off the car roof. ‘Here, I’ll get my €2 worth,’ he says as he smashes the taxi sign into a nearby metal pole.

Dramatic Moment Passenger Jumps On Taxi


Commenting online, some people questioned the authenticity of the video because the audio is extremely clear despite the fact that the video is filmed from a distance.

Dramatic Moment Passenger Jumps On Taxi Rips Sign From Roof


The €2 booking fee is an industry-standard fee charged by all taxi providers in Ireland. The additional fee has angered some taxi users, especially the man seen in this video.



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