Dramatic Moment Personal Trainer Punches A Bike Thief And Breaks His Nose After Spotting A Duo Trying To Steal His £8k Superbike Outside The Gym

This is the dramatic moment a personal trainer punched a bike thief and allegedly broke his nose after spotting a duo trying to steal his £8,000 superbike. Mat Armitage was seen on CCTV footage sprinting out of the gym where he was working in Wallasay Village, Merseyside, before smacking the thief in the face. The stunned criminal escaped on another stolen bike while his accomplice ran into the road and was almost hit by a passing car on Wednesday last week.





Mr Armitage, from neaby Hoylake, revealed it was the third attempt to steal his prized motorbike a Suzuki GSXR600 worth up to £8,000 in a few months. At the start of the footage two people can be seen on a motorbike coming into shot on the CCTV as they ride along the main road.

Dramatic moment personal trainer PUNCHES a bike thief


Mr Armitage can be heard speaking over the footage, saying: ‘So my bike almost got nicked tonight but I think they were messing with the wrong person.’ The rider of the bike which was stolen on a previous occasion stops to let his friend get off so that he can ride away on Mr Armitage’s vehicle.

Dramatic moment personal trainer PUNCHES a bike thief and 'breaks his nose' after spotting a duo trying to steal his £8k superbike outside the gym


But, hearing the bike’s engine outside, Mr Armitage who was with a group of clients inside the gym is seen sprinting out of the building. Wearing what appear to be helmets, the duo try to make a quick getaway before Mr Armitage launches a punch towards one of them. He concludes: ‘B******s.’



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