Driver Fell Asleep At The Wheel With His Car At 100mph On A European Motorway As Dashcam Footage Shows It Tilting On A Grass Verge And Slamming Into A Barrier

This is the dramatic moment a sleeping driver swerves off the road and smashes into a metal barrier with his car driving at 100mph. David Winkler, 43, was driving in the south of Hungary with his two sons when he accidentally fell asleep at the wheel. The dramatic dashcam footage shows his vehicle heading terrifyingly towards the car in front before veering up the grass bank on the right and beginning to tilt.





At 100mph the Volvo rolls back down the verge and slams into the crash barrier, scraping along it for a short distance before coming to a stop, with the passengers fortunately escaping unharmed. The dashcam shows the car gathering speed on the motorway, reaching 133kph (83mph) as it passes under a bridge and peaking at 163kph (101mph) at the moment of the crash.

Driver fell asleep at the wheel with his car at 100mph


Fortunately the Volvo XC90 took the brunt of the damage and Mr Winkler and his sons escaped unharmed. The dozing driver said his legs were shaking for hours and he could not face watching the crash for several months, but nobody was hurt.

Driver fell asleep at the wheel with his car at 100mph on a European motorway as dashcam footage shows it tilting on a grass verge and slamming into a barrier


The crash happened at midday on the M6 motorway in Hungary, which runs south from Budapest parallel to the Danube.



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