Driver tries to squeeze her car through TINY gap that definitely isn’t big enough

A hilarious video shows the moment a driver attempts to squeeze through a tiny gap between two brick walls – that isn’t big enough for her car.



The woman managed to scrape her car alongside two brick pillars after she inexplicably thought she’d be able to fit her vehicle between.


The passenger attempts to direct the driver through the gap


Unbelievably, the driver was helped out by a male passenger, who tried to direct her through the small gap. The woman even attempted to fold in the wing mirrors on the video in the hope it would allow a little more space. But as she tried to drive through, there was a rather worrying crunching noise, prompting the passenger to wave his hand wildly, indicated that the driver had drifted too far across to the left.


The exasperated woman finally gets out of the car


Onlookers watching from a nearby building can be heard laughing in the footage, while one even shouted: “Woah, woah,” as the car crept further and further forward. Exasperated, the woman finally got out of the car, yet neither her nor her passenger seemed to realise the gap just simply wasn’t big enough.


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