Drunk Guy Picks Fight With The Wrong Bouncer

It’s always the guy with his shirt off who gets knocked down.

But seriously, why would anyone pick a fight with a bouncer?
After a late-night argument in the street the shirtless man is seen advancing on the burly doorman and adopts a boxing stance. The doorman, who seems completely at ease with the situation, bounces lightly on his feet as the yob squares up to him. After a couple of feints, followed by a quick jab, the reveller attempts an almighty swing at the bigger man’s face.
However, the bouncer simply lifts his shoulder. Then, with a speed at odds with his size, he delivers a short, tight uppercut to his attacker’s face. The single strike knocks the smaller man spark out and he collapses to the floor – smacking his head loudly on the road. The bouncer then calmly restrains the stunned man, while another man secures his legs before the video ends.

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