Drunk Man Goes on Trump-Fueled Racist Tirade Against Family at Public Beach

With the U.S. President’s stance against immigrants, emboldened racists have been coming out of the woodwork, unleashing terror in their own, disgusting way.





And the latest victim of this unacceptable treatment was a family who was at the receiving end of a vicious series of insults and taunts from an intoxicated man at a beach in Texas.



Drunk Racist



A family of 14 were having a week-long vacation at the Pearl South Padre Hotel when a drunk man aggressively approached them and delivered vile anti-Muslim insults along with obscenities while mentioning how Trump will stop them.



Racist Tirade



The man was soon taken into police custody for public intoxication.






Not so tough-looking with that mug shot now, are we?



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