Drunk spends three hours trying to kick down door before finally finding open button

A drunk man stuck in a residential block of flats spent three hours trying to break down the front door, before finally hitting the button to open it.



Two men are seen by the door, obviously a little worse for wear, trying the handle before one of them launches into a violent rage. After a few kicks he appears to stop for a loo break, relieving himself in the small lobby while his friend waits further inside the building.


He then gives it a kick but the door remains firmly in place


The bizarre incident began at 5.30am in the hall of a block of flats in the city of Balashikha in western Russia.

A time-lapsed video shows that by 8.16am, the man has perhaps slept off some of his booze and is ready to try again, and he attacks the door with renewed vigor.


He finally worked out how to escape


At 8.17am, two hours and 47 minutes after first trying to open the door, he finally spots the button and pushes it, opening the door and stepping out into daylight.

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