Dude Accidentally Catches Elmo and Cookie Monster Getting Down and Dirty While Putting Away His Kid’s Toys

Who would’ve thought such innocent characters can be so dirty?





Sesame Street will always be a huge part of our childhood, with all the characters making an impact in one way or another during those days when we sat in front of the television to watch and even sing together with the show’s Muppets. While all this may seem like a good memory to recall, prepare to have your childhood ruined by Elmo Live and Tickle Me Extreme Cookie Monster as they do the nasty in this funny clip.



Muppet Bang



Dan Wilson was putting his kid’s toys away when he accidentally caught the two dirty Muppets in a very compromising position inside a box. He decided that this was one of those moments he just had to record on his phone.



Dirty Muppets



Cannot be unseen.



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