.38 Special vs Prince Ruperts Drop At 170,000 FPS, What Will Happen?

If you’ve never heard of a Prince Ruperts Drop before, let’s discuss those real quickly before you watch this clip.



They are glass beads which have been hardened by dipping molten hot glass into cold water. This creates a glass structure that looks not too dissimilar from a sperm. On the tail end of the Prince Ruperts Drop it is fragile and can break off easily. But on the droplet end, these glass beads are practically indestructible when hit head on.


Dude Shoots Virtually Indestructible Glass With A .38 Special


This clip from the SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel is actually a follow up to a previous video where they shot the Prince Ruperts Drop with bullets. Viewers pointed out that they weren’t using the best possible rounds for the experiment. So, they’re back again and this time they are using a .38 special and firing rounds at the indestructible Prince Ruperts Drop droplets of glass.


As you can see, these Prince Ruperts Drops defy logic


As you can see, these Prince Ruperts Drops defy logic. They are stronger than any glass formation you ever come in contact with.


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