Eat Your Heart Out, One Show, As Spanish TV Star Chops Up Co-Presenter’s Dress

A Spanish TV presenter has courted controversy by taking a pair of scissors to his female co-host’s dress live on air. Juan y Medio took the shears to the clothing of Eva Ruiz on “La Tarde, aquí y ahora”, a popular Spanish show that roughly translates as “the afternoon, here and now”.



You wouldn’t get Piers Morgan doing this in the morning, as you can see in the video.




“What’s up, is she the only one that can cut?” says Juan, while wielding the scissors and pulling at his colleague’s black dress. Ruiz looks a little bit apprehensive and unsure about how funny she is meant to find Juan’s actions.




As he takes snips out of her skirt, she is forced to cover up to protect her modesty. Floor-hands and other workers from the show attempt to intervene, eventually forcing Juan to stop. He is separated from his co-presenter, whose dress is in tatters, by one of the producers, while Ruiz is taken off camera.

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