Edible Spoons Are Now A Thing, So Forget Doing The Dishes Ever Again

Edible spoons have arrived, and we’re more than a little excited.

Take a wander round Lakeland and you’ll see aisles groaning with it-does-what? kitchen gadgetry and let’s face it most of them are pretty pointless. But there’s a brand new gizmo on the gadget block and it’s a total game changer. Say hello to edible spoons people!
Make edible spoon with any dough
Doing exactly what it says on the tin, the edible spoon maker makes edible spoons out of any dough of your choice. Just roll out your supermarket bought dough, use the special cutter to shape it into spoons, whack it into the machine and three minutes later you’ll essentially have a crispy spoon you can use, then eat.
Edible spoon maker
No more searching for an emergency plastic spoon in your dirty desk drawer. And as for the washing up, well let’s just say life just got a whole lot easier. Sadly there’s no word when this genius gadget will be available, how you can buy it or how much it will cost, but all we know is. We. Want. One!

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