Enormous python tries to swallow bat whole as creatures fight to the death while hanging from a tree

An enormous python tries to swallow a bat whole as the creatures fight to the death in this stomach-churning footage.


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The gruesome video captured in Brisbane, Australia, shows the animals locked in combat while hanging from a tree.

The bat is trapped in the carpet python’s grasp for half an hour as the pair battle it out.




Luckily for the bat, the non-venomous python gives up and drops the winged-creature to the ground.

The grisly video was taken by snake catcher Tony Morrison, who posted on his Facebook page : “This snake could not get past the wings of the bat and decided to give up.”




He told the Mail Online : “It couldn’t get past the wings, so after half an hour he just dropped the bat on the ground.

Mr Morrison added that it was common to find carpet python in the area and they are not a threat to humans.

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