Enraged Woman Stabs Cheating Husband On The Streets As Horrified Onlookers Watch

You’d think by now, people would’ve learned that when you cheat, bad sh*t happens to you.

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In this shocking viral clip, a man is seen sitting in the middle of the road drenched in blood as his wife walks towards him. The couple appears to be yelling at each other for several moments before the man gets to his feet and tries to walk away.

Man Drenched In Blood In The Middle Of The Street

But the woman, enraged by her husband’s infidelity, follows him and appears to stab him with a knife! The can be heard yelling in pain as he tries to distance himself with his wife.

The Woman Stabs The Man

The cheating man stumbles away, clutching his side before the clip suddenly cuts off. The extent of the man’s injuries are currently unknown, but we’re pretty sure he won’t be cheating ever again.

Bloodied Man Tries To Walk Away

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