Ever Wondered What’s Inside A Rattlesnake’s Tail? — This Father And Son Decided To Find Out

When it comes to quality father and son time, this duo takes the cake. This father and son have recently launched a YouTube channel entitles “What’s Inside,” where they cut open various things to, obviously, find out what’s inside them.

The video starts off at the Phoenix Zoo, where father and son decide to do some background research on rattlesnakes. They purchased the rattlesnake tail online and they went to the zoo to compare it with the live thing, and sure enough it was a perfect match.

Father And Son Cut Open A Rattle Snake

It turns out there is nothing inside rattlesnake’s rattle. The tail is made up of a series of hollow, interlocked segments. Special “shaker” muscles in the tail make these segments vibrate against one another, making the infamous rattling sound.

What's Inside A Rattlesnake's Rattle?

Damn, I thought there were skittles in there.

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